Nonprofit Services

We are uniquely qualified to assist nonprofits with property and facility management, and the search for their own space or building.

Nonprofit entities have unique challenges. We understand the organizational structures and the relationship between leadership and board members. We also understand the financial constraints that many organizations face. As we live under the umbrella of a nonprofit organization, we are better acquainted with the day-to-day challenges than the typical real estate service provider.

Nonprofit organizations have special needs when it comes to property and facility management. More nonprofit organizations own rather than rent buildings today. This shift from rent to own has added a new responsibility to nonprofit leaders – property or facility management – a relatively unknown territory.

CRESCO Playhouse Square Management has turned its attention to this important service area because there is a growing need for property and facility management in the nonprofit community. Our team is accustomed to addressing the special needs of the nonprofit community, based on a long-standing relationship with one of Cleveland's most prestigious not-for-profit organizations, Playhouse Square.

With an eye on the bottom line and keeping limited resources in mind, CRESCO Playhouse Square Management works closely with nonprofit organization leaders to manage their properties and facilities so staff can concentrate on providing the much needed, day-to-day services to those who need them the most – their clients.

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